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The Caiphus Katse Semenya Foundation is a trust registered to administer The National Academy of Africa’s Performing Arts (herein referred to as NAAPA). The Foundation is administered by the Patrons and Board of Governors. The Patrons of the Foundation are Mr Caiphus Semenya and Ms Letta Mbulu and there are nine (9) Board of Governors.

The National Academy of Africa’s Performing Arts is the brainchild of SA’s icons Mr Caiphus Semenya and Ms Letta Mbulu both gifted music composers, song lyricists, stage performing artists and founders of the Caiphus Katse Semenya Foundation.


The primary reason behind the establishment of NAAPA, is based on the need to create a benchmark Africa Centered Institution of Africa’s performing Arts that is underpinned by a curriculum that reflects the cultural ethos of the African Artiste and his or her community.

By locating the Academy in the very heart of Soweto, on the very same parcel of land that is home to the iconic Soweto Theatre and the newly refurbished Soweto Amphitheatre, the founders of NAAPA hope to send a message to all and sundry that NAAPA, will not only play the role of an educational institution in the community but, will also clearly demonstrate and instil in our artists and the community that the performing arts are serious art forms with a great potential to create not only permanent careers for Artistes but jobs for Artistes and the community as well.  But, above all, the performing arts are a priceless and sacred component of a nation’s economic and cultural life.


The National Academy of Africa’s Performing Arts will offer professional performing arts training in Music, Dance, Drama/Theatre, Instruments of choice, Production of Traditional music instruments and a compulsory studies program in understanding the business side of the performing arts.

Learners from all the provinces of the country, the continent and beyond Africa’s shores will be welcomed at the Academy for the exciting opportunity to learn to express themselves as artistes while challenging themselves to expand their knowledge in the classroom taught by competent, certified specialist instructors.

At the end of the period of their studies, the students will value the tremendous skills they will have gained and the overall sense of achievement they will have acquired from the years of study at the Academy.

Learners who work very hard with great enthusiasm and dedication to their studies, when the day comes for them to leave the Academy, they will grow into mature Artistes who had adequately prepared themselves to succeed in the highly competitive and ever changing world of performing arts.


The following are the different Art disciplines offered in the various faculties:

  1. The Faculty of Instrumental Music / Designed for students who Major in various musical instruments
  2. The Faculty of Vocal Music / Voice Training
  3. The Faculty of Choral Music
  4. The Faculty of Dance
  5. The Faculty of Drama & Theatre
  6. The Faculty of Sound Engineering
  7. Instrument Manufacture & Repair Workshop
  8. Indigenous Musical Research Center
  9. Mini Hall of Fame Museum
  10. The Business side of the performing arts


In addition to all of the above, the Curriculum will also include Academic subjects such as Languages – African and others, World and African History, History of music, maths, etc